What is a Sicilian Style Pizza?


For pizza lovers, Sicilian pizza is one of the most desired types of pizza. But, what is a Sicilian style pizza, and why is it so popular? The reason it is so beloved is the fact that it is simple, tasty, and relies on natural, fresh ingredients in the preparation process. But, where does it derive its name from? Sicily of course.

Sicilian style pizza is merely a term which is coined to a pizza which is prepared in the manner it was initially prepared in Sicily. No complicated ingredients, no lengthy list of ingredients, and nothing fancy about it. Simply put, it is a pizza which uses fresh ingredients, authentic ingredients, and comes from Sicily, the home of pizza (and many favorite Italian dishes for that matter).

What does this pizza style look like?

In the US, the Sicilian pizza is often associated with pizza recipes which have a broader or thicker crust. Deep dish pizza, where the ingredients are placed below the sauce, is the style which is associated with Sicilian style pizza recipes. Sicilian style pizza dates back to the 1860s, where it was originally introduced in the Sicilian island chain. It arrived in the US in the mid-19th/early 20th centuries. By the time it made its way into the US, the crust had become thicker/doughier, and the shape had transitioned into a rectangular pizza, as opposed to the original round version of the pie.

  • This type of pizza differs from Neapolitan style pizza in that: It is thicker (crust).
  • It is rectangular, not round.
  • It has more sauce and more cheese than traditional pies.
  • Strong cheese, sauce, and anchovies are the primary ingredients which are typically used in the preparation of this style of pizza (both in Sicily as well as in the US).

When it comes to pizza, Sicily is one of the original creators of the dish we’ve all come to love so much over the years. Sicilian pizza has withstood the test of time, due to the simple nature of preparation, the authentic ingredients, simplicity in execution, and yes, the fresh ingredients which are used in the preparation of the pie.

Whether you love classic styles, are looking for a new recipe to try, or simply want something which is simple and tasty, you can’t go wrong with pizza. For those who want the most authentic style of pizza, a Sicilian style pizza is as original and authentic as they come.

And here’s how you make it. Enjoy!