What are the Aeolian Islands In Sicily?


Directly off of the coast of Sicily, there lies a group of islands known as the Aeolian Islands. They have water that is as clear as glacier water, while at the same time offering the same health benefits as traditional mineral water while being as warm as the Bahamas! They have many different tourist locations as well as delicious, and most expensive, gourmet restaurants. Here are the Aeolian Islands one at a time.

1. Vulcano
If you intend on passing either through or around the infamous Tyrrhenian Sea, then you will end up somewhere around the even more well known Vulcano. It is a beautiful and expansive volcanic island that reeks (somewhat) of sulfur, due to its active volcano. It is a perfect place for you to bathe in the hot springs and take it easy, provided that you are comfortable with sleeping with a nose-clip on!

2. Lipari
The next island in the ring of the Aeolian Islands would most certainly be Lipari. It is the most populated of the seven islands and has hospitals as well as schools and a year-round life that does not pertain solely to vacationers. Its main town is always busy. It is also worthy of a visit if you are into Bahamanian-like waters, as well as delicious fresh fish. A trendy place to get a quick and tasty meal would be Atilla’s Pop-up food restaurant. There, you can get a plate of pasta-alfredo with a side of whatever fish Atilla has managed to catch that morning!

3. Stromboli
This island is the Eastern-most island on the ‘chain,’ so to speak. It is home to fashion designers as well as tourists. There is tons of great food and great places to stay. While it does have a volcano, similar to the first island on the Aeolian chain, it does not pollute and stink of sulfur, even though it is active. Speaking of which, it erupted randomly in 2007, which stranded a lot of visitors on the island, but nobody was hurt. It was then shut down for a few years to ‘rebuild’ somewhat. It has since become a lively place for people to vacation.

4. Salina
The beach of Salina at Pollara was filmed multiple times, especially during the 1940’s, due to its spectacular beauty as a beach and as an island. It has since been featured many times in films and has become one of the most well known Italian beaches to date. It is stunningly beautiful, especially at sunset.

There are much other smaller and less popular islands in the Aeolian Islands chain, and they are all beautiful and equally deserving of a visit! Save up your dollars and break your penny jar, because it’s time to go to Italy!