Must-See Places to Visit in Sicily

Sicily is the most significant island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is also held in high regard to be one of the (if not the) most beautiful Italian and east European islands in the entire region. It also just so happens to be the stronghold of the Italian Mafia and has been for quite a few decades. It boasts of up to 5 different UNESCO World Heritage sights, which is entirely unheard of, considering the amount of land that the island of Sicily has when compared to other islands or complete regions with similar amounts of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Because Sicily is in a part of Italy that has been ruled by the Romans (obviously) as well as the Greeks, Europeans, Asians and Africans, it boasts a wildly differentiating style of architecture that you simply cannot find in any other place in the world.

During one the famous cruises or simple visits to the beautiful and wonderous Island of Sicily, you will undoubtedly be awed and in shock at the sheer mountains and views that pertain to Sicily.

1. The Palermo
If you want to procure for yourself an authentic and traditional taste of Sicilian and Italian life, then look no further than the Palermo; the marketplace. Here you can find street vendors and fancy restaurants, absolute loads of street music and multi-cultural wonders.

2. Tindari
Located in the relatively small province that is Messina, a small town named Tindari can be found. It is a world-wide pilgrimage site as well as an ancient Greek village. It has been popularized and is exceptionally widely known for its poetry and art by the infamous Quasimodo. It is beautiful in every way possible and holds one of the World UNESCO Heritage sites, this particular one among the others being the famous Black Madonna Sanctuary. Among many other things, it was founded by Dynosious himself.

It boasts original Ancient Greek Walls as well as the very same Old Roman baths and mosaics that were built back in the late B.C ages as well as into the early A.D ages.

3. Aeolian Islands
The fancy, sulfurous, and somewhat upscale volcanic island chain of the Aeolian Islands merely is one of the places to be when you are going on a vacation to Sicily. It has beautiful cliffs, fantastic views, and is worldwide renowned for its fishing and its food.

4. The Pelagian Islands
The most significant island of the trio of Pelagian isles is Lampedusa. It is in the absolute southernmost part of Italy and is therefore in the southernmost part of Sicily. This wonderous landscape has lovely sandy beaches as well as a beautiful rugged scenery and long ridges that are carefully protected by coves and cliffs.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of beautiful places to go when you are not only visiting Italy but also explicitly visiting Sicily. Naturally, this is just scratching the surface, but there indeed are a lot of places for you to gaze at. From the fantastic pasta-Al Fredo to the incredible and out-of-this-world wine, all the way to the warm and crystal clear waters and sandy beaches, Italy is the place to be for the most pleasant and most exciting summer vacation.