Do Italians Eat Healthy?


Ever noticed how trim, happy and energetic Italians are? There’s something that the Italians are doing that Americans and citizens in other developed countries aren’t. The truth of the matter is that Italians eat healthier and observe healthy eating habits.

Garden Fresh Ingredients
To the Italians, food is more than a source of fuel to keep you going throughout the day. It is a source of nutrition and good health. Most homes and restaurants in Italy grow their ingredients right in their backyards. They take pride in harvesting their spices, herbs, and vegetables and using them immediately to prepare their meal of the day. Now, this makes the food richer in not only flavor but nutrients too. So, this is unlike other nations where canned and frozen foods are the order of the day.

Catch the Italians dead buying frozen or canned foods. People here take pride in presenting tasty and satisfying dishes to their families and friends.

Communal Eating
Did you know that most Italians prefer to dine communally with their friends and family? Yes, they do. This is unlike Americans who eat on the go or individually staring at the television. Italians grab every opportunity to gather their loved ones and enjoy a hearty meal together. Families and relationships here are close-knit. They utilize meal times as opportunities to bond, catch up laugh and love.

Slow Eating
Although there are fancy restaurants in Italy, most restaurants in small towns and villages keep it small with lots of personalities. Most of them do not have menus or daily specials. You get to enjoy local delicacies freshly prepared as you wait. Expect to see clusters of families around laughing, telling stories and dancing while their meals get prepared. The food here is enjoyed and not devoured. Sometimes, it takes 3 hours or so for the Italians to finish eating. This is a recommended practice that is healthy for your digestive tract. It also facilitates slow absorption of food which fills you up for longer. This rules out the need to binge eat after meals which further adds to weight gain.

Small Meal Portions
The food here is served in small portions. Expect a starter, main dish, a dessert, wine and finally a small cup of freshly brewed coffee. The portions may seem small but combined; they will fill you up.

Healthy eating as showcased by the Italians can be adapted by all. Rarely do they incorporate artificial flavors and dressing in their food. Their foods are lightly cooked so as maintain their natural flavors. Pasta, one of their native dished is mostly cooked al dente hence filling you up faster and for longer.